Frequently Asked Questions

Do these Fitness Plans actually work?

That purely depends on your level of commitment and dedication to following the plan! Through daily and weekly check-in’s, we can track your progress and adjust any element of the plan to help you reach your goals, but again, following the plan as closely as possible will give you the greatest results.

Can I eat whatever I want?

Yes and no. Now don’t get too stressed out after reading that, as we have a formal intake questionnaire where you will list your favorite foods and snacks. We build a diet plan around this to make sure you do not lose your mind while following this fitness plan. Sustainability is the goal here, and we incorporate your favorite foods and snacks into your meal plan, in moderation of course.

What if I need help?

I am available 24/7 and normally respond within a few hours to any question you may have. If you are struggling with any part of the Fitness Plan, you can directly contact me via the Mobile App or Email. We are in this together, and I want the best results for all of my clients!

Can I get super jacked and shredded with these plans?

Many clients initially come to me and when asked what their current goal is, respond with things like:

“I want to drop body fat, get super shredded, and be a massive muscle bound beast!”

I am sorry to say, but this is not a realistic goal. While there is a thing known as newbie gains, generally speaking you must attach yourself to a singular goal. That would be one of the following:

1.) Losing Body Fat (Cutting Phase – Caloric Deficit)
2.) Increasing Muscle Mass (Bulking/Maingaining Phase – Caloric Surplus)

Am I saying you can’t get shredded and increase muscle mass? No. I am saying it must be done in a segmented way, where once one goal is achieved, you move on to the next goal.

These are all things I offer in my plans. If your ultimate goal is to become a Hulk Smashing Beast, I can help you achieve this, but we will want to focus on one goal at a time. Commit yourself to the process and fall in love with the gains! If there is one thing I can promise you, it is that I will never bullshit you. I want you to succeed in achieving whatever physique it is that you dream of!

How do I perform the workouts listed in the plan?

Instructional videos showing each and every exercise will be available to you on this website and in the Mobile Application. While following your plan, if at any point you are unsure how to perform an exercise, you can quickly pull up an instructional video or contact me.

Do I have to workout every day?

No. In our formal intake questionnaire, you will list how many days a week you are willing to dedicate to the Fitness Plan of your choice. We will build what is called a workout split around these days. With this said, you must be willing to dedicate at least 3 sessions (90 minutes per session, or 60 minute lifting sessions followed by a 30 minute cardio session at another time) a week to get the best results from any of these Fitness Plans. If you can not find time for this in your schedule, we’d recommend you do not purchase one of these programs.

Do you offer refunds?

No. The Fitness Plan you purchase can be incorporated into your fitness and nutritional life at any point. Say you purchase an 8 Week Plan focused on losing body fat. You can use this plan over and over with small modifications. These plans are effectively a learning experience that will teach you the basics of weight lifting, cardiovascular exercise, and proper diet. If you complete your plan and are not happy with your results, I am available to discuss options available to you post completion of the plan.

Are the Meal Plans difficult to follow?

I do my best to incorporate the foods you enjoy into your diet plan. We want sustainability. If the diet is too aggressive, this is generally where people fail at sticking to it. If at any point the diet portion of a purchased plan feels too difficult for you, we can work on it together and make adjustments to help ease the struggle, but all good things in life come with hardship, so put yourself in a mindset where you’re prepared for whatever may come. Steel is forged in fire.

Have More Questions?

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